First Influenster UK Max Factor Beauty VoxBox Review

August 2, 2017

Recently, I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the very first bloggers in the UK to receive Influenster UK’s complementary Voxbox – by Max Factor!

I was so excited about this opportunity from Influenster UK, I even devoted my first YouTube video to do a product review on the VoxBox! This video is far from the best, and there’s lots of room for improvement; but I am very excited about making videos and cannot wait to see my products in a year’s time! Continuous improvement is the key baby….



For those who would like a more detailed review, read further...

Truth be told, I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to lipsticks. I tend to only buy lipsticks from high-end /non drugstore brands like Chanel, YSL, Christian Dior or Charlotte Tilbury. In my bias I usually associate high price with high quality even though we all know that this is not always the case! This time however I consciously kept an open mind, testing the 3 products that came with the beauty box; here is what I think.


Colour: no colour / clear

Texture / application: medium softness, relatively easy to apply

Smell: n/a

Longevity: tbd

What I like: even before trying the lip liner, I had already bought into the idea of a clear colour lip liner. How convenient it will be to have just ONE versatile lip liner that goes with all shade of lippies (not to mention the savings too!) Aside from the practicality, the lip liner is also very forgiving; it is easily correctable when I accidently messed up the shape! Win!   

What I don’t like: on the flipside, because the liner is clear, it takes more skill & time to draw that perfect lip shape.

Tip: use the lip liner to outline a desired shape to prevent bleeding; ALSO fill in the centre of your lips for a longer lasting full lip look!


Colour: dusty rose

Texture / application: glides on smoothly and easily, subtle shimmer finish, not too dry on the lips

Smell: candy

Longevity: medium (without liner)

What I like: how easily and smoothly the lipstick glides on my lips

What I don’t like: I like the lipstick for the shine but don’t like the fact that the shine comes from the shimmer pigment in the lipstick instead of the moisture in the formula    

Tip: add a layer of lip gloss or lip oil to create a fuller and plumper look


Colour: honey lilacquer (Barbie doll pink)

Texture / application: not too sticky and glides on relatively easy

Smell: candy

Longevity: short (without liner)

What I like: the curved applicator makes it easy to twist open the lip gloss and to hold for application. I also like the ‘not too over the top’ shine that it gives

What I don’t like: the only thing that I don’t really like about this lip gloss is the colour, I think it is too pink, but this is just my personal preference

Tip: use a darker undercoat lipstick to balance out the colour for everyday wear


Overall, I think these products are good for the price tag, my favourite is definitely the universal lip liner. Let me know if you have any other Max Factor or other drugstore recommendations and I’ll try them out for the blog!


Thank you for reading!



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