Product Review: 90 Days of Active Gold Collagen (Part 2/2)

May 31, 2017

Please Note: This is the second of a two-part blog post on my 90 day experiment with Active Gold Collagen Drink. For those of you who would like to find out more about what collagen is and the benefits of collagen supplements, click here to read Part 1


Collagen supplements have always been popular in Asia, but I’ve resisted the temptation to

jump on the bandwagon……until now as part of my inside out approach to wellbeing. While collagen supplements come in many forms, I chose collagen drink over collagen pills because why pop four pills a day when Ican get the same daily dose of collagen in fruity-drink form?!


What is Active Gold Collagen Drink?

The product that I have been trying is the Active Gold Collagen Drink from Gold Collagen. It is designed for people with a more active lifestyle.


  • Claimed benefit 

  1. Fight the appearance of signs of aging 

  2. Care for joints and muscles 


  • How to Use 

The bottle packaging says to have 1 bottle of the Active Gold Collagen per day; shake the

drink well before use. The box package actually says ‘for best results drink on an empty stomach for best absorption’!


My tip: I find the best time to have the collagen drink is a few hours after dinner and before bed time. Don’t drink water to ‘wash down’ the after taste because you don’t want to ‘wake up’ your digestive acids and break down the collagen, just rinse your mouth and go to sleep. 


  • Taste & Consistency 

It comes in a mango and apple flavour and the consistency of the liquid is thin so it tastes like an intense flavoured citrusy fruit juice. The citrusy kick is a bit mild when it is chilled but I prefer mine room temperature.


  • Price

You can get the Active Gold Collagen 10 days, 30 days or 90 days on the Gold Collagen website or from Boots (except 90 days) or LookFantastic. Gold Collagen is currently doing a promotion - 90 days of Active Gold Collagen Active Gold Collagen for £198.90 which works out to be £2.21 per day/bottle.


My tip: WAIT for the 3 for 2 deals at Boots to get 3 sets of the 30 day programme AND buy

them through one of those cashback websites (I use TopCashBack).


  • Boots 3 for 2 deal: 30 day programme is selling at £71.98, which is £215.94 for 90 days, using the deal you will pay £143.96 instead

  • Purchase via TopCashBack (new customer to Boots Online): you get 8.4% cash back, which means you pay a net amount of £131.87 or £1.47 per day/bottle

  • Purchase via TopCashBack (existing customer to Boots Online): you get 3.15% cash back, which means you pay a net amount of £139.43 or £1.54 per day/bottle

  • If you have a Boots Advantage Card, you will also collect boots points on the amount you pay!!!

That is £2.21 vs £1.47/£1.54 plus boots points!


My Result

In order to see how effective the product is, I use photos to capture my skin condition every

month on the same date for 3 months. Unfortunately, I started with bad lighting so to keep it

consistent I’ve suck to the bad lighting / unflattering angle. Luckily you can still see the



  • Skin: I can see and feel noticeable improvements on my skin (I only focus on the skin on my face). My skin feels a lot softer and smoother. I used to have little bumps on my forehead and I can see them disappearing, my cheeks are also more plumped (see photos below). I have been getting many compliments from friends that my skin has really cleared up.



  • Muscles: I used to get sore ankles and knees when the weather is cold (I’m from Australia so anything less than 18 degree Celsius is cold for me). After taking the supplement, my knees and ankles aren’t as sore from the cold weather! I also don’t feel as sore after an intensive workout. BUT this could all be a placebo effect, so I’ll need a longer time to test it out

  • Nails: I normally have strong nails so, I can’t tell if they’ve become stronger but I did notice that my nails have grown quicker than usual.


So what do I think of Active Gold Collagen? Right now, the treatment seems to be working 

for me but I can only speak for myself because different people react differently to certain

products. Am I happy with my result? Yes and I would recommend to my friends! Luckily, I have another 3 months of supply to test out the product so I’ll update you guys with my progress.


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