Hi! I'm Mavis

May 12, 2017


About me:

I’m Mavis, an Australian-Chinese expat working and living in London. While I had always pictured myself living happily in the sunny land of Sydney, two and a half years ago I decided to follow my now fiancé to the much cooler London. The past few years have been a journey of re-discovery, constant readjustment and making the most of living in this amazing city.


Some people love familiarity and some people love freshness, I definitely fall in the latter camp; blogging about new things / experiments / lessons learnt is very compelling to me. When I am not blogging, I work as a Business Transformation professional helping companies change and make continuous improvements. I want to apply what I learn at work to my personal life; using this blog as a vehicle to create long lasting good habits and see how my life will transform.


As a reader, you can expect to get well-researched information, personal recommendations, money- saving tips, lessons learnt and honest product reviews. To give you a better reference point, below are some facts about me:

  • I am Chinese but I can eat pasta every day! In fact, I think I was an Italian in my past life given how much I love Italian food and how often I visit Italy.  

  • Anything fancy, I like it, especially if it is expensive…hmm….

  • I go through candles like it’s nobody’s business, and my all-time favourite is white jasmine & gardenia from Cochine Saigon. It is expensive but totally worth it.  

  • I don’t really have an accent (at least I think I don’t), but my oriental twang does pop up every now and then

  • I’m petite; standing just above 5 feet 1 tall but in the face of injustice I am a giant and ready to take on anyone of any size!

  • I love everything green and cashmere!


About this blog:

M.Y. Lifestyle Project is a lifestyle blog that I intend to use as an outlet to explore my curiosities, creativity and share ideas & tips while I…

  • Build a wardrobe of pieces that are stylish, petite figure friendly and practical for the London weather [Style]

  • Continue to broaden my travel footprint in Europe & Asia [Travel]

  • Take an outside-in & inside-out approach to beauty and fitness [Beauty & Fitness]

  • Continue to explore amazing London [London]

  • Learn to recreate all the food I love! [Food]


The best way to keep in touch is by subscribing to my site, follow me on Bloglovin' or email me on hello@mylifestyleproject.com.


It’s a pleasure to have you with me on my journey!



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-   ABOUT ME  -

Hello! I'm Mavis, a London-based lifestyle blogger who love to share ideas and tips on styling, travel, beauty, wellbeing & life in London. 

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